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Welcome to Tradium.

We are a leading supplier of metals and materials for the manufacturing and construction industries.

Although formally founded in 2021, we began our journey in the late 1990’s through various roles and activities in the construction and distribution industries of Australia, New Zealand and South East Asia. These experiences created a large and diverse network and taught us many lessons on what good and bad looks like in supply chain management. Our time and experience wasn’t just limited to sourcing, much of our work has involved contract negotiation and long term supply arrangements. This work reinforced our vision that no deal is truly “in stone” if it is not a win / win outcome for all parties. We work locally and globally to source the right products, with the right terms and with the right suppliers to create lifelong profitable outcomes for all our business partners.

We supply a large variety of goods specializing in superior quality products sourced from, and backed by, world class mills and stockists capable of supplying a single fitting or an entire project.

Tradium sources products for the Marine, Transport, Manufacturing and Building Construction industries and prides itself on supplying the highest quality products in order to service these industries which are fundamental to the growth of our cities and countries.

With over 25 years of experience in sourcing, sales and contract negotiations Tradium can also help with material tender processes to make sure the best offer is on the table and the outcome is a win / win with a down to earth approach that is tailored to your business approach and style.

So whether it is for a single project, long term supply project or full supply chain solution, Tradium will provide business partners with tailored solutions and product development in order to improve their overall business.

Tradium has access to an expansive network and materials and therefore can provide entire solutions and we can cater to the needs of our end users by customizing products to their requirements including many value added and packaging solutions to meet the most demanding requirements. Tradium never stops enhancing our service-based philosophy in the supply chain and solution industry to be both innovative and versatile, and at all times we provide premium services to our business partners and the demands of their clients.

Tradium’s Three Core Values

Service: Tradium prides itself on providing service that exceeds our business partner’s needs. Through continuous improvement, Tradium aims to work with our business partners to achieve mutually beneficial outcomes.

Quality: Tradium is devoted to providing the highest quality products. Through cooperation with our world class suppliers, Tradium pays attention to every detail ensuring quality is never compromised.

Innovation: Tradium strives to be an innovative supplier by engaging with customers and suppliers to deliver a total project or supply chain solution.